binkw32.dll is missing from your Windows 10 – Download and start playing mass effect

Are you facing “binkw32.dll is missing windows 10” errors? Don’t panic; we have got the right solution for you! 

Often many windows users report experiencing this particular issue when they try to run the mass effect game. 


It is pretty frustrating that the program can’t start because binkw32.dll is missing from your computer. In most cases, users don’t have any idea about this file. 

So today, through this article, we will show you how to fix the binkw32.dll missing error to play mass effect spontaneously. 

What binkw32.dll Actually Is?

The dll, Dynamic File Library. binkw32.dll is one of the crucial system files belonging to the Windows OS. It is a significant RAD Game Tools’ Bink Video codec component with some essential driver functions and procedures. 

What is binkw32.dll used for?

binkw32.dll ensures the flawless and smooth functioning of windows programs. Many games contain binkw32.dll files used for encoding and decoding videos. 

So, if you see “the program can’t start because binkw32.dll is missing”, you must resolve it quickly. Otherwise, you can’t play the mass effect or any other games. 

Possible reasons behind ‘binkw32.dll is missing’ error.

There are reasons why you are seeing ‘Skyrim binkw32.dll is missing’. Any issue regarding malicious software, windows registry dysfunction, or even faulty application can contribute to this. 

In most cases, ‘binkw32.dll is missing windows 10’ means you haven’t installed the file correctly. Or it can also suggest a mistakenly downloaded file or a corrupted file. 

How to fix the ‘binkw32.dll is missing windows 10’ error?

Don’t panic if you suddenly come across a ‘binkw32.dll file missing’ error, don’t panic. We have picked some of the best fixes in this article. So, apply these methods to get the ‘binkw32.dll file missing’ error fully resolved. 

Method 1. Install the Bink Video codec

Installing the file from the correct source is always necessary. Follow the steps to know how to do it. 

  1. Visit the page mentioned below –

  1. When the page opens, press The RAD Video Tools to begin the codec download. 
  2. Once the file gets downloaded, you must follow the on-screen instructions carefully for installation. 

Method 2. Update Your Game

Don’t forget that outdated game versions can also show the ‘binkw32.dll file missing’ error. You must update the game if you see ‘binkw32.dll mass effect 2’ or ‘binkw32.dll mass effect 3’. 


Follow the steps below to update Mass Effect – 

  1. Download Memuplay on your system from this link –
  2. After the installation, run the emulator and find the icon of Google Play Store. Then double-click on it. 
  3. Type’ Mass Effect: Andromeda APEX HQ app’ on the search bar and install it. 

Method 3. Update Your Device’s Drivers

Sometimes, the entire window’s function can get disrupted because of outdated drivers. So, you must remember to update the drivers frequently. 

  1. You need to download Driver Easy app from the link below.*1qj6nif*_ga*ZmtUb1VZdmx3bllvVmE5TjU4TDJZMERaR19sbl9YcjEzUDFYZWFEb2V4NWZjZVBQNzdDOWN6YUZ5dUZwVXR6Rg..

  1. Launch the press Scan Now app to run a thorough scan to detect a driver issue. 
  2. Now, you will see an Update button beside every device. Click on them individually or press the Update All button. It will automatically update all your outdated drivers. 

Method 4. Fix the missing Binkw32.dll error automatically

You can now automatically download the Binkw32.dll via WikiDll Fixer. 

  1. To get the automatic tool of WikiDll Fixer, visit the link and start downloading.

  1. Install the tool correctly with simple on-screen instructions. 
  2. Now, launch the program and see that ‘mass effect 3 binkw32.dll’ has gone away. 

Method 5. Scan your PC with Windows Defender

Any malicious software stored in your system can disrupt windows functions. So you must run a thorough scan to check for viruses through Windows Defender. Follow the easy instructions below to do it correctly. 

  1. Press the Windows + l key together. 
  2. Then go to the Update and Security category. 
  3. Select the Windows Defender section. 
  4. After opening Windows Defender, you will notice “Windows Defender Offline scan” at the bottom. Click on it. It will begin the virus scan automatically. 
  5. After the successful completion of scanning, click on the Resolve button. 

Note: you need to save your valuable files and data before running the virus scan. Otherwise, everything from your PC can get removed. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I fix the binkw32 dll missing?

You can fix the ‘binkw32 dll missing error’ by installing the binkw3w dll file or updating your device drivers. You can also run a virus scan or try updating your game versions. 

How do I fix missing DLL files in Windows 10?

For Windows 10, try using Windows Defender for a virus scan first. Otherwise, visit the link to download the missing DLL files –

What is binkw32 dll?

binkw32 dll is a vital component that decodes and encodes videos for the games. 

How do I fix a missing dll on my computer?

You can automatically download the DLL files from the link mentioned above. You can also update your device drivers and game and run a virus scan. 

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